Desiccant dehumidifiers in the CR-LK range are de­signed for stationary installations like dehumidification of dry air storage, water work buildings and pump stations – particularly intended for rooms where it is not possible to install normal reg.air ducts. CR-LK is “the condense dehumidifier” with the properties of an adsorption dehumidifier.





  • Cabinet manufactured in stainless steel
  • Closed regular air flow circuit, air/air heat exchanger, air cooling
  • Function as a condensed dehumidifier, but with the properties of an adsorption dehumidifier
  • Low weight and small dimensions compared to capacity
  • Handles for easy carrying and piling
  • High capacity, at normal operation conditions, temperature, %RH
  • Deep drying at nominal or reduced process air flow
  • All the energy supplied contributes as room heating
  • Simple installation, only a hose needed for outlet of condensed water
  • Pressure available for dry air distribution through connected ductwork
  • Hygrostat connection


This range of dehumidifiers is used when connection of reg.air ducts is difficult, mostly in buildings far below ground or in mountains, e.g. water works, pump stations, water power stations, storerooms situated like this.


The company policy of making quality products has resulted in dehumidifiers characterized by high reliability, low maintenance costs, maintainability and high capacity. Furthermore, these adsorption dehumidifiers are characterized by high capacity at low temperatures and additional room heating is normally not necessary.



All Cotes humidity controls, DR10, DA20, DH24, DCC, can be used for the CR-LK dehumidifiers. The choice depends on the degree of accuracy needed and external user information.


For details, download PDF file here